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Certified Forensic Document Examiner

and Handwriting Expert

Wendy Carlson (214) 458-6009


$400 Examination

(multiple-page document exam will incur additional charges)

$295 Notarized Letter of Opinion*

(*after payment of examination)

(Rule 26 Report – $695 after payment of examination)

“Very professional, credible and persuasive”

– 2nd Judicial District Judge Catherine A. Lemon

“She’s Very Impressive”

– Federal Judge Lawrence O. Burman, Arlington, VA

“Top Notch Handwriting Analysis!”

– Michael G. McKinnon, Esq.

Providing Forensic Document Examination For:

Forgery Wills Deeds

Car Titles Graffiti

Immigration Documents

Loan Documents

Anonymous Writing

Disguised Writing

Questioned or Altered Documents

Legal Documents and Contracts

Medical and Other Records

“Who wrote on the bathroom wall?”


Do you have a document you suspect has been forged or illegally created or altered?  I can help you find the answer to your question.  You need to find out the truth as soon as you can because we never know how far someone will go with a crime once they have started.  Some of the situations I deal with regularly include forged checks, forged or altered wills, deeds, anonymous writing, legal contracts, medical records and other documents.

Please take a moment to call me to discuss your case because I will give a quick, honest, professional opinion about your situation, and direct your next recommended step.  I can usually provide you with a verbal opinion within 48 hours.  Because I work regularly with other document examiners, another document examiner can examine your documents at your request and possibly provide you with a second opinion at a reduced rate.

Most cases are settled out of court because of a document examiner's official "Letter of Opinion".  If your case does go to court I can be your expert witness.  My fees are among the lowest in the industry; always fairly billed, no surprises.  Because you are probably worried or just plain mad about your situation, call me now.  I'm sure you have already spent a lot of time and energy wondering what to do, so let's get to work!