Client Testimonials

Words of praise from previous clients

 “I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for your skills and service. You have confirmed my suspicion about my father’s counterfeit Will and Forged signature. The cold hearted conspiracy to defraud me and lead me to believe my father didn’t care for me over Greed had me very emotional. They will be brought to Justice thanks to the dedication of your professional skills and contribution to the good in this world. Thank you for giving me Justice and Peace of mind.

– E.P., Texas

“Great work and very fair price.  If anyone needs your services give them my number I will gladly recommend you.”

– D.H., North Carolina

Petitioner offered credible expert testimony that the disputed signatures are forgeries.  The court finds that the purported signatures of Peitioner are not her genuine or authentic signature.”

– Mark D. Thompson, Chief District Court Judge, Colorado

“Wendy:  we finally got the court’s ruling on “marital agreement.”  It was a complete victory!  The Court determined that the document was a forgery.  The court also noted that it found you to be a credible witness and Mr. Fenoff was not.  Attached is the decision for your review.  Thanks again for your work on this case.”

– M.Z., Attorney, Colorado 

Your work was well received.  You did a marvelous job, I thank you.”

– H.M., Florida

“It was truly a pleasure meeting you in person last weekend.  I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciated the great insight you offered during the entire trial experience.

The caliber of your work is exceptional and will have a major impact on the final decision in the case. I am very grateful we were able to utilize your services.  While the decision will take a bit of time, I am hopeful that our impressive team will prevail.
I will let you know the outcome once we receive a final decision from the judge.  Again, thank you for your valuable support and cooperation.” 

– C.G., Colorado

The Court finds that the Plaintiff shall prevail on the merits of his lawsuit.  All relief requested is granted.  Furthermore, the Court finds that the signatures in question are fraudulent.  Therefore, Plaintiff is awarded judgment against the Defendant, plus attorneys fees, expenses and costs of court.”

– Brooks H. Hagler, Presiding Judge, 259th Judicial District

 “I appreciate the expert handwriting analysis and letter you sent.  This document will come in handy.  You did a fabulous job!  I want to thank you very much.  I will be happy to give you anything I can do to help your professional career.  Thanks again.  Nice job.”

– Cloud Miller, PhD., Criminal and Appellate Lawyer, Florida

 “Wendy, just wanted to let you know that we got a slam dunk on everything we asked for.  Thank you so much.  You were a vital piece to our case.”

 – James, Texas

 “I want to thank you again for your report. It has exposed this sophisticated jury tampering scheme up here.  Everybody that’s read it says that it’s a remarkable job and I appreciate it and I’m sure some other people will too.  Thank you for your unbiased opinion.”

 – Anonymous, Colorado

 “The court ruled in our favor and determined that the plaintiff take nothing by his claims.  Our client was very please with the outcome.”

 – Attorney, Houston, Texas

 “The good news finally came through.  The Judge ruled in our favor.  Your work as our signature analyst was one of the key factors.  Thank you so so very much for being not only our analyst but a Real Person.  You made both my wife and me very comfortable through-out this ordeal.  Your testimony on the witness stand was fantastic.  I will definitely recommend you when needed.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Z, Houston, Texas

 I confronted him with your work at his deposition last month, as well as some other nefarious information.  I saved your opinion letter on the forged documents for the last – and it was extremely effective.  Within 24 hours of the deposition, we had essentially a complete capitulation from him and his attorney, and the case settled favorably to my client.

 Thank you.  I will keep you in mind in the future.

– David, divorce attorney in Colorado

 “I heard from the attorney today – we won!  The judge said the plaintiff is to receive nothing.  Thank you for your testimony.  I learned a lot.  Hopefully I will never need you again but if I do I’m calling you!”

 – Jesse, Houston, Texas

 “Wendy, I have another case for you.  You saved me $12 million dollars last time.”

 – S.H., Colorado

 “Wendy:  The Judge refused to pass the trial.  The defense did not object to your report as an exhibit so it was entered.  Anyway, the judge ruled for me and it is over.  I want to thank you so much for your help.  Without your report I don’t know if we would have won.”

 – Marion, Alabama

 “Good news!  You were correct!”

 – Detective Corey Autry, Reno Police Department, Financial Crimes Unit

 “In any event that you feel I might aid you or your industry please count me in.”

 – Allison, Texas

 “You gave me the peace of mind that my sister manufactured my mom’s signature.  You are so splendid – What a gift you are.”

 – Ellen, Colorado

 “Dear Wendy:

 Just a short note to let you know how happy I was with your work!  According to my brothers attorney, since Dad signed the Power of Attorney, it was perfectly legal for my brother to initial for my father. It hardly seems right, but the fact is, your analysis was spot on.  I will recommend your services to anyone who needs them in the future.  Sincerely, Paul”

– Paul, Arizona

“Dear Wendy, we wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. Your conscientiousness is greatly appreciated. Thanks in large part to your excellent work, the case was settled in our favor.  Again, many thanks.”

– Robert, Florida

“You did an excellent job!  Awesome!”

-B.D., Attorney, Lubbock, Texas

 “We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They had to pay my fees for this trial.”

-A.P., Lubbock, Texas

 “You are part of the experience that makes it a little gentler.”

 -D.F., Florida

 “Thanks again for your help.  I thought you were a great witness and did a fine job for these clients.”

 -Rhonda Quagliana, Esq., Charlottesville, Virginia

 “Thank you for your testimony.  You did a great job for us.  [The Petitioner] refused to testify when I called him as a witness.  The judge ruled in our favor.  Thank God!”

 -Charles E. Longtine, Esq., Colorado

 “I appreciate you so much.  It was your testimony that cinched the case.  Thank you for coming to testify.”

 -Cynthia Carmichael

 “I’m very impressed with you.  You’re awesome!”

 -Court Reporter, Lubbock, Texas

 “If I didn’t get your opinion on my dad’s will I would have lost everything!  Thank you, I appreciate everything you’ve done!”

 -Susan Rees, Greenville, Texas

 “My clients spent $3,000 on another attorney who didn’t even consider the signature.  Once I got your letter of opinion, the other side gave in and dropped the case!”

 -Attorney, Denver, Colorado

 “Thank you Wendy!  When we presented your notarized opinion letter to the bank, the bank officials recognized your creditials as an expert and promptly settled the lawsuit.”

-LV, Florida

 “I just wanted to thank you again for your efforts.  We were able to get removed from the lawsuit yesterday after four hours of mediation.  Couldn’t have settled the case without your expert opinion.”

 -Patrick, Orange Beach, Alabama

 “[Defendant] presented expert testimony through Wendy Carlson. . . . Ms. Carlson stated that she examined the known and unknown signatures. . . . She found seventeen significant differences between the known signatures and unknown signature.  The Court found her testimony credible and persuasive, based on a detailed analysis and a subsequent peer review which confirmed her results.  Thus the court finds [Defendant] is credible when she testified she never signed Exhibit 2.”

 -Christie B. Phillips, District Court Judge, Golden, Colorado

 Ms. Carlson’s forensic document analysis was of critical importance in persuading the trial judge that the purported signature of my client on a key document was a forgery.  Her testimony at trial was clear, thorough and very persuasive.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Carlson to other attorneys, and I will certainly seek to use her expertise on future cases.”

 -Kenneth Morris, Attorney, Louisville, Colorado

 “Followup news:  T. C. case was ultimately dismissed for lack of evidence yesterday.  Couldn’t have done it without your expert testimony. This is historic for Harris County. Fortunately, the documents sat waiting for revelation. Justice finally arrived for T.C.”

-R.R., Attorney, Houston, Texas

 “Thank God for you.  I want you to know how much I appreciate you.  I never in my life made a phone call to a handwriting expert, didn’t know what I was doing. You’re the only one who listened to me and found the forgery.  You made a heavy thing quite easy for me.  Thank you, thank you.”

 -Renee, Las Vegas, Nevada

 “Our client won the case!!!! Thank you for your assistance…it put the final nail in the coffin!”

 -J.W., Attorney, Colorado

 “She’s very impressive.”

-Federal Judge Lawrence O. Burman, Arlington, VA

 “I engaged Ms. Carlson’s services after discovering my name had been forged on a lease agreement. Within 48 hours, I had her professional written assessment. I engaged her further as an expert witness…in court. She was pleasant, professional and thorough. Her positive demeanor helped me stay calm and organized in an otherwise emotional and chaotic environment. I am extremely grateful to her. The outcome was positive for me.

 -Dejon, Aurora, Colorado

 “The fact that you took the time and listened to me . . . says a lot about you and how you conduct your business. You are a professional and your work shows it. The information was VERY helpful to me and I am grateful for that. Thanks again for you services Wendy you were a big help. I wish I would have found you sooner. I would definitively recommend you to a friend. I posted a link to your website on my facebook page, recommending your services! “

 – Scott, Indiana

 “We would like to express our gratitude to Wendy Carlson for her professionalism in helping us with our situation. She was instrumental in having the perpetrator arrested and in having damages awarded by the courts. She worked diligently with us and our legal counsel to win our court case. I would highly recommend Wendy Carlson. She will work diligently on your case and back her opinion up with expert testimony if needed.”

 – Paul, Denver, Colorado

 “Our firm hired Wendy as a forensic document examiner/handwriting expert in a case involving the validity and genuineness of signatures on a limited warranty document between a builder and the buyer/homeowner. Wendy did an excellent job with her expert report and did very well on the witness stand as our expert witness. I endorse Wendy and would hire her again!”

 – A. Rowberry, Attorney, Carbondale, Colorado

 “I have been a Police Officer in a Metroplex area Police Department for nearly thirty years. For the past eighteen months I have been assigned to Internal Affairs. Recently I came upon an investigation that required forensic examination of a suspect document in an attempt to determine the identity of the author of that document.

I found America’s handwriting experts, Curt Baggett and Wendy Carlson on the web. I am a firm believer in the adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Words cannot express how professionally and personally impressed I was with the two of you. I feel like I have made life long friends.”

 Sergeant Alan T. Patton

 “When my wife faced a clearly bogus charge regarding an allegedly forged check, Wendy’s response was extremely fast, completely professional and of great help. Her opinion was instrumental in the district attorney’s office dropping the case. While we felt the case should never have been brought, without Wendy’s professional opinion we would have faced a long and expensive process to have it dismissed.”

– John, Boulder, Colorado

 “Thank you very much for your assistance in this case. Your analysis raises a few interesting questions to our eyewitness and suspect statements. Hopefully, we can get to the truth about what occurred. Again, thank you for your help.”

 – Buena Vista Police Department, Colorado

 “We were very impressed with your professionalism and handwriting analysis. The process that you followed to verify the authenticity of the signatures in question on our case was thorough and convincing. Your testimony as an expert convinced the Judge and garnered us a victory in court. We definitely will recommend you in the future and gladly use you again when the need arises. Thanks for your help!”

 – Dave, Carbondale, Colorado

 “I have worked with Wendy Carlson for a significant period of time. I have found her work to be very professional. She is easy to work with, her credentials are impeccable and her fees are reasonable. She will not render an opinion until she is absolutely sure of her examination of the documents.

 “She helped break a forgery and altered documents case wide open. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wishes to ask me about her qualifications and the work that she did for me.”

– Peter Schick, The Peter Schick Foundation, California

 “I will spread the word about you to people I come into contact with who may need it.”

 – Christina, Kansas

 “Thank you very much for your huge professionalism. Your great work and attitude has made our relation very kind to me. Thanks again for you patience and dedication on our case.”

– Aitor, Spain

 “Your testimony was well received by the Judge. Plaintiff’s Expert was easily impeached. He had nothing to say concerning your testimony except that he disagreed.”

 – Attorney, Colorado

 “Thanks for the report. You’ve done a great job. The way you send us the report, the way it was displayed and so is fabulous.”

 – Jose, Spain


Do you have a document you suspect has been forged or illegally created or altered?  I can help you find the answer to your question.  You need to find out the truth as soon as you can because we never know how far someone will go with a crime once they have started.  Some of the situations I deal with regularly include forged checks, forged or altered wills, deeds, anonymous writing, legal contracts, medical records and other documents.

Please take a moment to call me to discuss your case because I will give a quick, honest, professional opinion about your situation, and direct your next recommended step.  I can usually provide you with a verbal opinion within 48 hours.  Because I work regularly with other document examiners, another document examiner can examine your documents at your request and possibly provide you with a second opinion at a reduced rate.

Most cases are settled out of court because of a document examiner's official "Letter of Opinion".  If your case does go to court I can be your expert witness.  My fees are among the lowest in the industry; always fairly billed, no surprises.  Because you are probably worried or just plain mad about your situation, call me now.  I'm sure you have already spent a lot of time and energy wondering what to do, so let's get to work!