Clients Represented

Below is a partial list of former and current clients:



1382386 Ontario Inc., Michigan Maddox, Holloman & Kirksey, PC, New Mexico
4C Medical Group, PLC, Arizona MasterBlend, Colorado
Alpha Legal Services, Michigan
McCarty Law Firm, Texas
American Management Group, Florida McCauley Constructors, Colorado
American Media Inc., New York McCurdy & Eichstadt, PC, Colorado 
Appel & Lucas, P.C., Colorado McKay Burton & Thurnman, Utah
Arenson & Spears, Texas Michael A. Littman, Colorado
ATM-TEX LLC Montgomery, Kolodney, Amatuzio & Dusbabek LLP, CO
Bagi Mechanical, Colorado Moon-Baker Agency, Oklahoma 
Barlow Jones LLP, Texas M2/Muhaisen & Muhaisen, LLC, Colorado
Beimford & Associates, LLC, Colorado Murgallis Law Firm, Colorado
Bell & Associates P.A., Mississippi National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, PA
Berumen Law Firm, PC, Colorado Newkirk Zwagerman Law Firm, PLC, Iowa
Big Tex Trailers, Texas North Couriers, LLC, Texas
Brown Pruitt Peterson & Wambsganss, PC, Texas NRC Broadcasting/Sign Language, Colorado 
Buena Vista Police Department, Colorado Office of the State Public Defender, Wyoming
Cain & Hayter, LLP, Colorado Office of the General Counsel, Oklahoma Bar Association
Cairns & Associates, P.C., Colorado Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc., Arizona
Campbell Soup Supply Co., Texas Pearson & Paris, P.C., Colorado
Caplan and Earnest LLC, Colorado Peretta Law Office, Utah
CBS4 Denver, Colorado Phil Smith, PLLC, Texas
Central Denver Ironworks, Inc., Colorado Phillip W. Snyder, P.C., Colorado
Charles Longtine, P.C., Colorado Pinnacle International Law Office, LLC, Illinois
Chayet & Danzo LLC, (Colorado Elder Law) Colorado Porterfield & Associates, LLC, Colorado
Chaffee County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado PrimeLending, Texas
City and County of Denver, Colorado Prince Creek Construction, Inc., Colorado
Clark County Public Defender’s Office, Nevada ProCo, Wyoming
Clermont County Auditor, Ohio Rainier Legal Center, Inc. PS, Washington
Colorado Department of Education Reed Law Firm, Arkansas
Colorado Division of Real Estate, Colorado Richard C. Kesnig, New York
Colorado Legal Services Rim Development, California
Committee Films, California
Consuelo D. Lawrence, P.L.L.C., Texas Ross Wichman PA, Kansas
Contech Engineered Solutions LLC, Ohio Royal A. Martin, PC, Colorado
Corporon & Katz, LLC, Colorado Rubin & Zimmerman, PC, Colorado
Crespin Law Firm, Colorado
Sanders, O’Hanlon & Motley, PLLC, Texas

Scott & Ray, PLLC, Texas
Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, Colorado Sherr Puttmann Akins and Lamb PC, Colorado
Denver Elections Division, Colorado Siebman, Burg, Phillips & Smith
Denver Public Schools, Colorado Sidney & Stephens, Colorado
Department of Education, Colorado Silber Law Firm, Florida
Department of the Army, Ft. Hood, Texas Southern Poverty Law Center, Alabama
Dixie Farm Industrial Park, Texas Spencer Law, P.C., Texas
Dovenmuehle Mortgage,, Inc. Illinois St. John, Bowling & Lawrence, LLP, Texas
Druyon Law Offices, P.C., Utah State Bar of Texas
Dyer & Berens, LLP, Colorado State Farm Insurance Companies, Arizona
Edward J. Chapman, Jr., LC, Kansas State of Wyoming Public Defender’s Office, Wyoming
Enholm  Salekin Law, PLLC, Arizona
Sunsplash Events  Bahamas
Environmental Processing Systems, LC, Texas
Technomedia Solutions, Florida
Excel & Affiliates, Wyoming
The Beckham Group, Texas
Fairfield & Woods, PC, Colorado
The Dallas Morning News, Texas
Farrar Law Firm, Florida The Denver Channel, Colorado
Federal Defender’s Office, New York
The Doss Firm, Georgia
Fennemore Craig Jone Vargas, Nevada
The Fox Company, Colorado
Fidelity National Financial, Florida
The Law Offices of Charles W. Hemphill, Colorado
Foust Law Firm, Montana
The Paradigm Group, Colorado
Frascona, Joiner, Goodman & Greenstein, Colorado The Peter Schick Foundation, California
Garlin Driscoll Howard LLC, Colorado
The Rose Law Firm, PC, Wyoming
Gerrard Law, LLC, Wyoming The Sleep Institute of Utah, Utah
GNS Electric, Inc., Texas The Staker Company, Utah
Grand Openings, Inc., Texas The State of Colorado, Denver County
Grand Prairie Police Department, Texas The State of Texas, Hill County
Gulf Copper, Texas
The Stone Law Firm, Arizona
Hall & Evans, LLC, Colorado
Thomas Genshaft, LLP, Colorado
Honnen Equipment Co., Colorado
Thomas N. Scheffel & Associates, PC, Colorado
Hood County, Texas Thornton Medical Center, Colorado
Hospice of El Paso, Texas
Tulsa Eye Consultants, Inc., Oklahoma
Investors Management Center, Texas
Turner & McKenzie, PC, Texas
International Cruise Services, Inc., Florida
UAW-Chrysler Legal Services, Michigan
John R. Rodman & Associates, Colorado
US Refrigeration Technologies, LLC, Texas

United States Air Force, South Carolina

United Swim Association, Ohio
Jorgensen Brownell & Pepin, PC, Colorado
Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas
Law Offices of Brian T. Johnson, PC, Colorado Wendy Press Sweeny, Wyoming
Law Officea of Clint Curtis and Ingrid Morfa, Florida William J. Hunsaker, P.C., Colorado
Law Office of David Esserman, LLC, Georgia Windsor Gardens, Association, Colorado
Law Offices of Gregory John Hoxk, P.C., CO Whitsett & Gross, PC, Colorado
Law Office of Kevin K. Dixon, P.A., Florida Wise Law Offices, Pennsylvania
Law Offices of Leon A. Williams, Pennsylvania Wyoming Public Defender’s Office, Wyoming
Law Offices of Stephen D. Beam, Oklahoma Yang & Ullman, PC, Maryland
Legal Investigations, Inc., Colorado Zamler, Mellen & Shiffman, PC, Michigan
Lyndon F. Larsen, Minnesota Zidell Properties & Construction, Texas


Do you have a document you suspect has been forged or illegally created or altered?  I can help you find the answer to your question.  You need to find out the truth as soon as you can because we never know how far someone will go with a crime once they have started.  Some of the situations I deal with regularly include forged checks, forged or altered wills, deeds, anonymous writing, legal contracts, medical records and other documents.

Please take a moment to call me to discuss your case because I will give a quick, honest, professional opinion about your situation, and direct your next recommended step.  I can usually provide you with a verbal opinion within 48 hours.  Because I work regularly with other document examiners, another document examiner can examine your documents at your request and possibly provide you with a second opinion at a reduced rate.

Most cases are settled out of court because of a document examiner's official "Letter of Opinion".  If your case does go to court I can be your expert witness.  My fees are among the lowest in the industry; always fairly billed, no surprises.  Because you are probably worried or just plain mad about your situation, call me now.  I'm sure you have already spent a lot of time and energy wondering what to do, so let's get to work!